Time To Force Some Bulbs!


I have been looking through lots of holiday catalogs. And in almost everyone, I see something that I want to recreate in my own home this year.


I love this look of the Amaryllis in a big bowl. And it’s perfectly placed next to this entryway bench, ready to greet holiday guests.

Don’t you just adore the Paper-Whites in this silver container with a bed of ornaments on top?! Such a festive holiday center piece.

Martha Stewart
And of course, Martha Stewart is a fan of the holiday Amaryllis. As beautifully displayed in the clay pots pictured above.

So I decided I would try to force some of my own Paper-Whites and Amaryllis. I found my bulbs at Lowes. Each Amaryllis was around $4 and I bought a bag of seven Paper-Whites on sale for around $5.

I gathered three of my tall, clear cylinder vases. I thought that the height would be good to help support the flowers as they grew.

I placed several inches of pebbles in the bottom of the vases and then I nestled the bulbs in the pebbles so that they fit snugly within the vase. I then added enough water to just reach the base of the bulbs. Be careful to not add too much water, as this could cause the bulbs to rot.

I then placed both vases with Red Oscar Amaryllis on my kitchen dining table. And the Paper-Whites found a home on my living room coffee table. Now, all that is left to do is wait. And hopefully,  I should have some pretty flower in time for Christmas. I can’t wait to show you the beautiful blooms (fingers crossed).

Are you decorating this holiday season with indoor flowers? What’s your favorite flower to grow?

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