Time To Clean Up My Act!

I don’t know why, but this holiday I have had more junk food then ever! Pies, cheesecake, cookies, breads, cheese dip with chips, soda, eggnog, ice cream, hot chocolate, and more!! I can not believe all the goodies I have consumed in the last two weeks!!

And because of consuming all those tasty treats, my body feels slow, heavy and just plain….toxic. 

As I was reading my new issue of Whole Living magazine, I found an article about a four week detox. Perfect! Just what I need!! The detox focuses not only on detoxing your body but also your mind!

The first two weeks includes grocery lists and recipes. During the first week, you eliminate any added sugar, processed foods or beverages, alcohol, caffeine, wheat/gluten, eggs, dairy, peanut products, fruit juices, soy and corn. Now…don’t freak out! You will gradually be adding these items back into your diet!! The first two weeks also includes yoga moves that massage the lower back and kidneys, enhancing the detox! Plus, the detox schedules regular exercise, starting with just 10 minutes a day! I can do that!

The third and fourth weeks recipes make healthy eating easy. But, the exercise intensifies because you have now removed all the toxins from your body. Thus leaving you with more energy and focus.

I have to admit, I think my favorite part of this detox will be the exercises for detoxing your mind. I think sometimes we forget the control our thoughts and habits have on our lives. I personally believe your brain is the most powerful muscle in your body! It controls everything you do and will become, good or bad.

So I will be starting this plan on Monday, January 4. I will be cooking my M.A.D. Menu week according to the recipes on this plan. And that means my family will be detoxing too, even though they don’t know it!! (Mom’s can be sneaky like that sometimes!)

Would you like to join me for a 4-week detox? If you would, go to Whole Living and read all about the plan. They also have help printables such as grocery lists, detox do and don’ts, yoga routines, and fitness plans. 

If any one would like to join me, I will give updates on my site to remind you and encourage you each day! I would be so excited to have you with me and I know your body will love you for doing it!!

So, are you in? Leave a comment or ‘like’ this to let me know I have some friends joining me on this better health journey!!!

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