The Hardest Spelling Test of Your Life

This lady had died and she found herself standing at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter said, “You can’t come in yet.  You first have to correctly spell a word.”

She said,  “What word?” He said, “Any word.” So she spelled the word love. “L-O-V-E.” Peter said, “Welcome to heaven.”

Then Peter asked if she would take his place for a moment. He instructed her to just follow the same procedure if anyone else should come up.

Well, in a few minutes the lady sees her ex-husband walking up. She can’t believe it! 

She says, “What are you doing here?” He says, “I just had a heart attack. Did I really make it to heaven?”

She said, “Not yet. You have to correctly spell a word.” He said, “What word? “

There was a long pause, then she said, “Czechoslovakia!”

Photo by Power Of Faith 

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