The Great Deal I Missed!!!

Don’t you just hate it when you go and purchase something only to find out days or even worse, hours later that you could have used coupons and saved some major money?!!!!! Uggggg….

That’s what happened to me!! If you recall, I went to Target this last Tuesday and I bought some Pedialyte because my son had been very sick. Well, when I got home that evening I was reading a blog when they posted this title, “Great Deal on Pedialyte at Target!” I couldn’t believe my eyes!! I had just got done telling my husband how I should stock up the next time Pedialyte goes on sale because the stuff is so expensive! And now, I find out there’s a great deal on it!! 


Yep, sure enough. There is a great deal on Pedialyte. Here is how you can get the great deal I missed…

Buy 2 Pedialyte for $4.79 for a total of $9.58
Use the BOGO coupon HERE
Use (2) $1.50 off coupon HERE
Finally price you pay is $3.29 or $1.65 each!!! 

Ya, that’s a way better deal then what I paid!! I am going to chalk this experience up to being overly tired from being up at crazy hours with a sick little boy. And for not checking around thoroughly for coupons. Again, my life motto I guess, live and learn…

Thanks, Bargain Blessings

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