The Goals…

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I do realize that is is already January 6, but I wanted to take some time and put some great thought into what I wanted to accomplish in 2011! I also wanted to make every goal a realistic goal. And to do that, I really had to search my heart.

Some of my goals are back on the list from last year because they are high priorities in my life and they really effect everything else.

So with that said, on with the list….

Goal #1…pay off debt! My husband and I are sick of owing money to credit card companies! I would love to be able to keep every dime we make. But for right now, that simply can’t be the case….but it will be one day! Last year I made the goal to reduce our debt by myself, this year…my husband is on the same page! We are really trying to be wise with our money and make the best decisions to get us out of debt the fastest!

Goal #2…run a 10k. I surprised myself this last year and ran a 5k. And I then stopped running! So I realized that I need to keep challenging myself in this area or I will have no motivation to keep running! I want to run the Boulder Bolder on Memorial Day. That’s 5 months away…I can do it!

Goal #3…save for a vacation for our 10 anniversary. This was another goal from last year, but I still need to add more money to the funds! We would really love to get away to celebrate and knowing that everything has been already paid for…well, that’s just going to make the trip an even better experience!!

Goal #4…try something new. Last year, I tried woodworking! And I loved it. Who knew?? I built a bed for my son, chairs for our back yard, and a dining room table (pictures coming soon!). I loved the whole process. I have a few more wood working projects for this year, but I also want to try something new in the home decorating area. Maybe, installing my own crown molding?? Or possibly , building an upholstered headboard for our bed?? You just never know…

Goal #5…build stronger faith in my God. I have big personal desires and dreams for this year. And I have shared those with God. I have asked whole-heatedly that He bless me and grant me those desires. But then, in the past, I would always worry whether or not he would. This year I want to stop worrying and just let God. Trusting in faith, that He knows what is best. His perfect timing, His perfect plan. 

Well, that’s the list. Those are my goals for this year. I am putting all that I have into these goals knowing that with some determination, tons of hard work, lots of sacrifice and a tremendous amount of prayer….I can do it!!

Do you make a list of goals for 2011? 

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