The Day I Made A Bet With My Husband

Hi. My name is Laura and I am a numbers watcher.
Yes, it’s true. I have to confess.

I don’t usually talk about the life of blogging, 
but today I am faced with a challenge,
and I want to win. Bad. So I need your help.

If you write on a blog,
you probably know exactly what I mean
when I call myself a numbers watcher.

Over the pass few weeks I have become
addicted to checking my statistics.
I have been blessed with new readers (Hi!!)
and I love seeing the numbers grow.

But I have started checking them every few hours.
Now, this is not a good thing.
I can start to let these numbers effect my positive energy.
Which is bad for me, my family and my blog.

Plus I am distracted and definitely not living in the moment.
You know it’s bad when your hubby wants to know what’s 
for dinner and I answer with “Guess how many new friends I got today?”

So my husband presented me with a bet.
I could not look at my statistics for a whole week.
If I check before the week is up, I have to wait two more weeks!
 I agreed.

Yep, my husband shook my hand and said,
“I am off to work and you are off to crazy!”

Funny guy, huh?
I am not going to go crazy.
I am going to go back to enjoying my blog
and stop torturing myself.

I wanted to tell you about this bet to hold myself accountable.
And I don’t like to lose! 🙂

Oh… on a different note,
 I have some new changes coming to the site really soon.
(Hopefully today!) Can’t wait to show you!!! 

Are you a numbers watcher? Do you find yourself checking your stats more than once a day? How did you find balance?


  1. You know, I wasn’t a number watcher until recently. Now I check about once a week. I’ve been lucky enough to make some money from blogging without huge stats (or an ad network), but I hope to join a few networks soon so I’m sure once I do the number watching will really get intense!

  2. Hello Laura,

    I found your blog thanks to SITS 🙂

    I can totally relate! I just spent the past year working for big brands in their social media marketing campaigns. Part of my job was to listen to the online conversations, collect the info and analyze it. Data, data, and more data. Every day; monthly reports, bi-weekly reports, weekly reports… you get the picture.

    I left my job a week ago and now I feel I still have the need to look at the numbers, any numbers! Since my blog is the only big data-type of thing going on, I’m obsessing with that (especially now that I can get back on track to blog on a regular basis). Just like Alecia said, I think it’s a phase. (I’ll check back in a month or so 😉

    Stay strong and focus on the most important part of blogging: writing and building your community.

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