The Big Day Finally Arrived!

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It happened yesterday,
at lunch.

The tooth that has been at a 90 degree angle
and hanging on by a thread
for over a week now
has finally come loose and fallen out!
This is our so excited can’t stand still,
hold my tooth and pose at the same time picture…

This is our more relaxed after some off the excitement
has worn off picture…

We jumped in bed with 
our Tooth Fairy Dragron…

And then we decided to give the dragon a snuggle…

Then it was bed time stories,
prayers, kisses and lights out.

But after little guy fell asleep
something happened…

I gave him $15 in $5’s but when you ask him how much he got,
he’ll say either $3 or $5. 
We are still working on counting by 5’s. 🙂

Overall the whole process of loosing
that very first tooth went super smooth.
Now he wants all the rest to fall out so he can get ‘lots’ of money!

Then learn quick don’t they?!

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