The Best of July!

It’s hard to believe it is already the 1st of August!
Soon the kids will be going to back to school and 
my little guy will start Kindergarten. *sniff* 
I know I am going to be a wreak, so let’s change the subject. 🙂

Let’s talk about July and my favorite top 10 posts.

1. I barely finished my guest bathroom remodel before my friends arrived.
2. Shared a tutorial on making your own paper stars.
3. My site (finally) got a new design…which I love!

4. Who knew you could make brownies in the slow cooker? Martha, of course! 🙂
5. My little man lost his first tooth. Love that guy’s missing-tooth grin.
6. I made a bet with my husband and so far I am winning!
7. I made some more progress on my garage clean-up.

8. Need a recycle bin hanger? I shared my step-by-step tutorial.
9. Spent some fun time making great memories with friends.
10. Don’t by them at the store, make your own taco shells with this tutorial.

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