Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 9: How To Clean the Dish Washer



  Today’s challenge is cleaning one of my favorite kitchen BFF’s…the dishwasher.

Now, I know you are probably asking, “Why do we need to clean the dishwasher?”
It’s important to help keep your machine running efficiently and smelling fresh. 
Honestly, who doesn’t want cleaner dishes with less work? Am I right?

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Experts recommend to clean your dishwasher about once a month.
Keep the dishwasher happy, you will be happy. It’s really that simple! 🙂

The best supplies for this cleaning task are:

  • distilled white vinegar
  • toothpick
  • baking soda
  • old soft toothbrush
  • stainless steal cleaner or mild multipurpose cleaner
  • soft cloth
  • dry towel
The best steps for cleaning your dishwasher are:
  • start with an empty dishwasher
  • remove the racks and the utensil holder
  • fill your sink with a mixture of water and vinegar (about 1-2 cups vinegar per half a sink full of water)
  • place a soft cloth in the vinegar water and wipe utensil holder and racks clean, checking for any stuck on food, wipe dry
  • remove spinning arm, grate and filter–if you have one, from floor of dishwasher
  • place parts in vinegar water to soak
  • use soft cloth to wipe down inside of dishwasher walls and seal with vinegar water (for tight spots you may need to use toothbrush)
  • wash soaking parts with baking soda paste and soft toothbrush
  • be sure to check that all holes in spinning arm are open so that water can run through them freely, clear out any debris with toothpicks
  • reassemble and replace all parts
  • Bonus Tip: remove hard water deposits by running one cycle of your dishwasher empty with distilled vinegar. Add 2 cups of vinegar to bottom of dishwasher and turn on to Energy Saving or Low Wash. Stop the machine mid-wash. Let stand for 20 minutes, then finish the cycle.
  • wipe down buttons and panel
  • clean handle and front of door with a mild spray cleaner or stainless steel cleaner
If you follow these cleaning tips, 
not only will have a clean, fresh smelling dishwasher
but your dishes should be a lot cleaner too!

 How do you keep your dishwasher clean? 
Share your tips in the comments below.

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  1. One tip for cleaning a dishwasher with hardwater built up is to use Miratic acid. IT HAS TO BE KEPT AWAY FROM CHILDREN OR PETS. You start your washer cycle add a cup of miratic acid to water in bottom and run cycle. Run a second cycle to make sure you have it all rinsed out.

    I had a guy come to fix my dishwasher and the problem was hard water build up… he said he could charge me $45 to do it or I could go buy it myself and do it. Well… what would you do?

  2. After emptying the dishwasher, I take a dishtowel and dry off inside the washer as well as the door. I also take a wet cloth and wipe around the inside of the rim of the door. I had accidently dropped something and went to pick it up it was like totally black with gunk and the washer at the time was maybe a year old!! Yuck!!! If I am pressed for time I pass a cloth around it only and do a better job when less pressed for time. I always keep the detergent filled, ready for washing but it also eliminates odor. try it with and without you will see the difference!

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