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Some Vacation Time and Some…

Some Vacation Time…

My family and I left for Fort Worth on Thursday, May 21. The reason for our adventure to the big state of Texas was because my husband’s cousin was getting married. My husband and I both went to college in this area, so it wasn’t a new exploration for us, but it was for Sebastian.

We had a good time visiting with family and Sebastian had tons of fun playing with (second cousins?) my husband’s cousins kids. Whew..that is a mouth full!! Although, I think Sebastian might have loved the elevator the most. He tried to follow two different groups of ladies into the elevator!! He definitely likes the ladies!! I have discovered his favorite combo… ladies and an elevator!

We returned from our trip on Monday, May 25. Needless to say we all were extremely tired, but Sebastian was the most. He was really knocked off his nap/sleep schedule throughout the trip.

And Some…

Tuesday night after we had gotten home and settled back into our daily routine, Sebastian woke up crying around 10 at night. We checked on him and found him running a fever of 101. So we gave him Tylenol and he went back to sleep…until about midnight when he woke up crying again. This time his fever was gone, but he seemed like he was in pain. He finally went back to sleep. But he continued to wake up every hour on the hour crying.

Around 5 that morning my husband got up for work and I told him that I suspected Sebastian might have an ear ache. So he checked both of his ears, and found that both were infected. So my husband worked on his ears (which Sebastian hated) to drain the fluid. After he did that, Sebastian calmed down considerably and seemed more like himself for most of the day.

By Wednesday though, Sebastian had obvious signs of a head cold. Ugh. Poor little guy.

Then on Saturday night I started getting the aches and yep…I guess I caught Sebastian’s head cold. I was down for the count almost all Sunday and luckily my husband was home to take care of the both of us. What a guy!

So as of today, Sebastian seems to be doing much better and I feel almost completely back to normal. So with renewed health, I wanted to write and tell you why I have been gone for so long.

I don’t have a joke for this Tickle Me Tuesday because I wanted to go to bed early so I can continue to get well. So, I hope to return with a ‘healthy’ sense of humor next Tuesday!

Here’s wishing good health to you and yours!!

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