Some Tulip Love

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Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. It’s a popular time of the year to receive roses and chocolate. Now I am totally a fan of chocolate and will gladly accept it any time of the year. But roses are not really my favorite, I am more of a tulips lady.

I love the colors of tulips and the way they curve as the bulb begins to open. So pretty. I think tulips make a great Valentine’s day flower or anytime of the year really. What lady doesn’t want to be surprised with a beautiful bouquet of tulips? 🙂
There are tons of creative ways to give or display cut tulips.  You can make a simple sweetheart arrangement by doubling two vases with some red tulips and some cinnamon hot candy. Just place the smaller vase inside the larger vase and  fill the gap between the vases with candy. Then add water to the smaller vase and place your red tulips inside. Now you have a sweet display of some hot love! 🙂

If you want to be sweet but maybe with a little more conversation, you could try this display…

It’s basically the same ideas as the above red tulips, just using conversation candies and some complimentary tulips to complete the look. A sweet ‘conversation’ piece for any room. 🙂
If you are in need of some more creative ways to give or display some tulips, this Pinterest page has a few great ideas. I also love that tulips are so easy to find. Most local garden centers or flower shops care them as well as your local grocery store.. You can easily pick up a bouquet as you are getting your weekly groceries. That would make a trip to the store a little more fun, at least for me it would.
So here’s hopin’ your Valentine showers you with some tulip love this Valentines day! (Oh! And I’m also hopin’ my hubby reads this post too!) 🙂

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