September Giveaway — Cozy Fall Things

Win this fun Cozy Fall Things giveaway and make your home the coziest place ever!

I polled you all (on Instagram) and by far the two things you wanted most were cozy/comfy and fall related. So for this giveaway I gathered up all of my favorite items in those areas:  a super cozy throw, a tea cup, a tea pot with a cozy for it as well, apple cedar tea, a pumpkin scone mix, a pumpkin maple candle, pretty tortoise earrings, two fall nail polish colors and last but definitely not least–  there’s also one $100 gift card to Amazon for you to buy any cozy fall item your heart desires. This cozy fall giveaway is valued over $320! 

Win this fun Cozy Fall Things giveaway and make your home the coziest place ever!

I love everything in this giveaway and wish I could kept it all. My most favorite item besides that cozy throw is the tea pot cozy. It’s a soft cozy to keep your tea pot warm. You can it placed on the tea post below. Such a genius idea and oh…so cozy too!

Win this fun Cozy Fall Things giveaway and make your home the coziest place ever!

So now, here comes the fun part! I am so excited to giveaway all these cozy fall things for someone else to enjoy!

Enter for your chance to win…just complete the information in the box below!
September Cozy Fall Things


A couple of things to note:

After you enter, you’ll be asked to confirm your email address.  ???? Don’t forget to check your spam folder.

You can earn extra entries by following me on social media and sharing the giveaway with friends. I am so appreciative of you and thank you sooo much for telling your friends about Inspiration for Moms!

Good luck to you!


  1. I love the teapot! 🙂 My daughter…..(or I suppose technically step-daughter but I love her so much I claim her as mine!❤️) She loves all things tea related and I would give this amazing prize to her! I appreciate the chance and all the info you give. 🙂

  2. I love the cozy throw! Nothing is better than snuggling with my cat, dogs and hubby under a warm and comfy throw blanket!

  3. Fall scented candles are my FAVORITE! Even when it’s still 80+ degrees outside, it smells like fall in my air conditioned home!

  4. While the gift card is amazing and all of it is adorable, I am most in love with the blanket as it looks so cozy and plush and warm.

  5. I love the candle. For some reason yankee candles can take me exactly to my favorite spot. These items are all great and the perfect fall giveaway. Thank you

  6. My favorite is the warm blanket. There’s nothing like reading with a nice blanket, a cup a tea, and some pumpkin scones.

  7. I love the warm cozy throw and can just imagine using it on the cool fall nights. Cuddling with the throw, drinking tea with a good mystery novel sounds so relaxing to me.

  8. It’s a toss up between the throw, the candle and the mug because I mean how can you have just one without the others!? Love them all ????

  9. You made great choices for the give away. Get’s chilly up in Vt, that throw will be welcome!
    Thanks for your generosity!

  10. I love the cozy blanket. My husband and I came back from holidays yesterday–just before the SNOW (!!!) started! Almost twenty degrees cooler than average. I am trying to accept the weather for what it is (not a hurricane as some are having to deal with), but I am just not psychologically ready yet.

  11. My favorite fall item is cozy throws and blankets! They are so nice to decorate with and cuddle up with.
    Karen Baker

  12. I love absolutely everything there is about autumn (and I’m constantly going on about it, probably annoying everyone). I’m originally from England, so I of course love my tea 😀 Drinking something smokey and cosy like Lapsang Souchong around the bonfire, or even just indoors under the blanket and surrounded by candles is one of my absolute favourite things!

  13. I love it all, especially that cozy throw because I have been thinking lately that I need a cozy throw on my couch that I can wrap myself up with and enjoy a hot cup of tea. Thank you for this Fantastic giveaway!

  14. I love this blog! My favorite fall item is definitely a pair of fuzzy socks! I love all things cozy!! That blanket is everything and is currently giving me heavy crochet inspo. 🙂

  15. I just love everything!!! You cant pick just one thing.. It’s all so pretty and cozy looking just like fall!!! Love fall it’s my favorite season!!!

  16. Thank you for the chance to win this great fall giveaway….I love everything about fall, colors, having to put a sweater or hoodie on to be comfortable, going for long rides looking for colors to take pictures of, going bird hunting & all the fall foods….pumpkin, squash, apple anything especially caramel apples…Love love love fall.

  17. We love hot tea and soups! Cuddle nights and lots of family time things that you usually can’t do in summer because we live in a hot state!

  18. My favorite item is the cozy throw. I’d like nothing better than to wrap myself in it while sipping home hot apple cider tea.

  19. What a wonderful giveaway, thank you for sponsoring it! It would be lovely to win, but either way it has given me beautiful inspiration for the changing season. Cozy, cozy!

  20. Just one thing? Would love to have them all so it can feel like Fall here in South Florida. But will take the tea. ☺

  21. I love the cozy blanket! Being cozy in a fluffy blanket with a warm cup of tea and a yummy smelling candle is the best feeling in the fall!

  22. I simply love it all ! I would make some tea, light the candle, grab the throw blanket and make myself nice and comfy on the sofa watching a good chick flick.

  23. Oh my gosh! I love everything! Thank you so much for the chance to win all of things beautiful items. The cozy throw will go perfect with my fall decor. I changed my fall color scheme throughout my home this year. I went with greens, whites, creams and grey and I love it! Have a lovely day.

  24. I love a soft sweater that buttons up to the neck and the sleeves come over my hand to the thumb knuckle, and I push them up, they stay up.
    Yes, that perfect.

  25. I love fall clothing. I guess that would be late fall because it is still hot during the days right now. I can’t wait for sweater weather.

  26. I love the whole bundle. I would light the candle then make some scones add to that a cup of tea. I would grab the throw blanket, get comfy on the sofa and paint my finger nails while checking out Amazon for that gift card.

  27. This is my FAVORITE time of year!! Love the soft/cozy pastel fall colors with-in this give-a-way! Would make for an awesome 58th Birthday for myself 🙂

  28. Perfect to split with five college students: two in my family, and my niece and nephew, and son’s finance. They all need a pick me up from the exhaustion of school. Perfect ideas!

  29. Ohhh I don’t think it’s pissible to pick just one favorite out of this bundle. But, I do love the pumpkin maple candle AND the Amazon gift card of course. That teapot cozy is so stinkin cute too.

  30. I’m a pumpkin girl so pretty much anything smelling tasting or looking like pumkin I love. Candles, creamers, goodies, tea’s wax melt’s coziness ????

  31. I think you’re asking what’s our favorite fall item in general, right? 🙂 not from the package. (Although I’m sure they align for most of us here) my favorite fall item is a pumpkin candle

  32. Hey Thanks for the giveaway! The mug is very inspiring… a cup of tea, a blanket and the TV will be perfect now that winter is coming 😉

  33. My fave fall item is def a warm soft blanket, you can never have too many!! Super excited there’s one in your giveaway!

  34. My favorite item for fall is definitely a tie between a cozy throw blanket and a hot drink (chai, apple cider, or hot chocolate!)!

  35. I really like everything you’re giving away! The nail polish and the throw are two of my faves! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Fall is my favorite season and I love all of these items. This would make a great gift for my friend, who lost her father a year ago and is feeling down right now.

  37. I love all the generous gifts you are giving away. I love fall for the warm sweaters and throws. The hot tea I drink every morning and the beautiful colors outside. The thanksgivings decorations of baskets, leaves and candles.

  38. What awesome prizes! I like everything! My favorites are the candle, teapot and cup, and the throw. Thanks for the chance!

  39. I love the cozy throw blanket! Maine gets pretty darn cold in the fall and winter months, so lounging on the sofa with a throw blanket is a must!

  40. This entire package looks like the makings of a fine Friday night. I’ll just close my eyes and fantasize about that for a moment. 🙂

  41. I love blankets, candles and all things fall!!! And since today is my birthday, I would love to win!!!

  42. I would absolutely love this. I also love everything about fall. The weather getting cooler. The smell of the leaves on the ground. The beautiful fall colors. Cozy blankets, fuzzy socks, hot cup of coffee, with a burning candle, relaxing in a recliner with a favorite book. Fall to me is a time to relax & enjoy time with family.

  43. My favorite fall item would be fall flavored foods (apple cider, pumpkin spice baked goods, etc). There’s something about food that captures all essence of autumn like the scent, visual, and taste!

  44. My favorite fall item are fall flavored foods (apple cider, pumpkin pie, etc)! Maybe its because they capture the essence of fall through scent, taste, and visuals?

  45. My favorite Fall item is definitely a warm and fuzzy throw blanket to snuggle up with on a cool Fall day! Thank you so much for the chance!

  46. This is my favorite time of year to get cozy with a blanket enjoy apple cider so on . thanks for a chance

  47. Crisp Fresh Air Cooler Days/Nights Cuddling With My Husband,Nice Warm Blanket Drink Hot Chocolate !! With The Firewood Burning!!! Tsvm 4 The Chance 2 Win !!!

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