/ / Send the card…don’t send the card….what to do?

Send the card…don’t send the card….what to do?

I admit it. The thought did come to my mind. Should I send out Christmas cards this year? Would anybody really notice if they didn’t receive one from me? The economy is struggling, people are trying to save money. I could just write it off as being frugal or maybe lazy. Perhaps, both?

But then I realized something that put everything into perspective.

I have only received 4 Christmas cards! And I like getting Christmas cards, especially ones with pictures! They are the best.

So, today I sent out my Christmas cards. The above picture was the one I included in my cards. Isn’t my son’s hat too cute? And I am hoping my good karma will send a flood of Christmas cards to my home. I know it is only December 17, but still, it can’t hurt right?

If the thought crossed your mind, send out some positive karma and get busy sending out those cards. People really do notice!

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