Selling A Home with Walmart Savings Catcher Program

walmart savings catcher makes selling houses easier

I shopped savvy using Walmart Saving Catcher, as part of a sponsored post for Crowdtap #WMTSavingsCatcher.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to save money. I’ve been known to shop at three different local grocery stores in one week just to get the best deals. But those days may be over now that Walmart has launched the Walmart Savings Catcher program.  With this program there’s no need to drive around town price matching.

The program is so simple to use. Simply download the app on your phone (or you can do this online if you prefer) shop like usual, then scan your receipt. Then the Walmart Savings Catcher will go to work comparing prices for you! The process generally takes three days to complete, and if they find a lower price, you get the difference back in the form of a Walmart eGift Card that you can use the next time your in the store.  I tried it out and let me say, it totally works and it’s amazing!

We listed our house to sell last Friday and I wanted to really impress the future home owners. I decided to hit up Walmart for some snacks and drinks to greet our visitors. If you’ve ever sold a home you know those little “show ready” expenses can really add up!

shopping Walmart for house showing supplies

After shopping Walmart, I returned home and then quickly scanned my receipt using my Savings Catcher app.  Walmart makes it so easy to scan, you simply type in the date and click submit. And you’re done!

walmart ereceipt details

It only took Walmart about 72 hours to compare competitors price in my local area and then I found a nice surprise notification in my inbox.


walmart savings catcher reward dollars

I got a refund of almost 10% my purchase price! Love it! And all I had to do was shop. No driving around town, no coupon clipping, and no price matching. All that work was done for me and I got to reap the benefits. If you’re wondering what can and can not be priced matched or just want more details about the program, be sure to check out their Savings Catcher FAQ.

I am so happy that I was able to save some serious cash while at the same time impressing future buyers. It’s only been three days since we listed and we’ve had ten showings and three offers. Was it the snacks that’s winning them over? 😉

So what do you think of the Walmart Savings Catcher? Impressed? I was!



  1. I use the Savings Catcher and it has saved me some money. I will continue to price match since Walmart doesn’t honor competitors’ produce or house brand prices with the Savings Catcher. It is nice in that it compares costs at stores I don’t normally price match. All in all, it’s a handy tool.

  2. What a great idea for selling your house fast! I haven’t sold a house yet, but will definitely try out the snack method when it comes time to do so!

  3. No way! This idea is genius! We’re trying to sell our home right now and you better believe I’ll be leaving out a little treat tray for showings from now on!

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