wanting: a new lap top.
I’ve been looking at a Mac Pro.
(I’ve always been a PC lady, any advice?)
loving: my tulips.
My honey got me these for Mother’s Day and I love walking by them.

working on: listing our house to sell.
Cleaning, packing, donating, and repeat. 🙂
excited for: Summer vacation.
No alarm clocks and no rushed mornings!

needing: to plant some flower pots.
Now that the snow is all melted and hopefully done for the season!

dreaming of: a bigger back yard.
Little man would love to have a trampoline and play set.
(Just between you and me: I REALLY want a trampoline too. Yahoo!)


waiting for: Haven Blog Conference.
It will be my first and it’s less than two months away! {squeal!}

missing: traveling.
It’s been almost two months since our last trip. 
I’m ready to go on another adventure!

listening to: Ain’t It Fun by Paramore.
I love listening to this when I’m running at the gym.
Ain’t it fun, livin’ in the real world.

  enjoying: sending Pinterest pins to my friend about exercising or dieting.
We can relate to each others pain and suffering. 🙂  

reminding myself: to not compare.
Love this quote: 
“Two things prevent us from happiness;
living in the past and observing others.”

getting: a maxi skirt.
I’ve been wanting one forever and final decided to go for it.

As always, thank you so much for reading, commenting, 

liking and sharing.
I’m so grateful for your friendship.You totally rock! 


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