Put The Freeze On Your Peppers!


Lately, my local Sprouts has had red and green bell peppers on sale 3 for $1.00! And don’t you know it….I have been stocking up! Now, if you are wondering what I am going to do with all those peppers…the answer is simple. Freeze them!!

Peppers freeze really well for recipes that require them to be cooked. And the steps to freezing are as simple as 1.2.3.

1) Cut off the tops of the peppers and then wash them, both inside and out to remove all seeds.

2) Next, cut them in half. You can keep them whole if you like (especially if you are saving them for a stuffed pepper recipe). But I have found that cutting them in half allows them to lay flat in my freezer, thus taking up less room.

3) Place each whole pepper in a Ziploc and then place all the peppers in a giant Ziploc freezer bag. That way you have all your peppers in one place. But if a recipe calls for one pepper, you can just pull one out at a time!

At that is the 1.2.3. on putting the freeze on your peppers! 🙂

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