Oh My….I Am Totally Hooked!

I know I am a little late to the party, but I had to know if the rumors where true.. You know, the rumor once you go there you will be sucked in for hours! Which is what totally happened to me last night!

If you don’t already know, the ‘there’ I speak of is Pinterest! It’s amazing!! So much to look at like…some great inspirational thoughts….(you know how I love those!)

I love this one because we can easily forget…

I also found some great do-it-yourself projects like this cute artwork.

To make these, you just glue some wooden letters onto canvas and then paint the whole thing the same color. So simple…so beautiful!

I also found some great inspiration for the gallery wall I am going to make…I am really!!

When my sister comes to visit, we are going to take a trip to the new IKEA and see if I can pick up some frames!! I want to make that bench, too. I just need more hours in the day…like 24 more! 😉

I also found some crazy things that I labeled “Who Lives Like This?!”…

I mean really, do you know anyone who lives like this?! I can tell you who wishes they did…my husband. He saw this picture and instantly fell. in. love.

I saw this picture…

And head-over-heels fell. in. love. That shower and that tub are unreal. And the window with the beautiful green forest outside..I just got to ask? Who lives like this?!

And if you would love to combine swimming pools with a bed and TV….check this out…

Like I said, there are lots of things to see on Pinterest

But what I like most, it’s a great way to organize all the amazing inspiration I see online! I would constantly see things that I wanted to make or recreate. But I didn’t have a great way to save those ideas until I could find the time, money, supplies, etc……Well, problem solved! You just add a little pin to your tool bar and whenever you see something online you like, you just “pin it” and it saves it to your Pinterest! How cool is that?!

The thing about Pinterest, is that you join by invitation only. You can sign up for an invitation. But I have heard that takes a few days. But, if you get an invite from a friend, you can sign up faster. And guess what? You have got a friend!! Yeah! If you would like an invite, just shoot me an email and I will send you an invitation!  I don’t know how many I can send, but I will try my hardest to get to everyone!

And when you find that you were only going to look for a few minutes and now it’s been like three hours…don’t say I didn’t warn you! I am totally hooked and I know you will be too! 🙂


  1. Yes, Pinterest will suck you in! Kind of like stumble! That bathroom is AMAZING.

    I found you from the Alexa Hop. Going to leave a review for you now and would love it if you would return the favor when you get time. 🙂

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