Oh Mister Sandman, Sand Down My Bed!!!


Today was a good day. I got the head board and the foot board completed and I was able to start the sanding process. The picture above shows you my progress thus far!

I have never used a sander before, but it was fairly simple to figure out! I was going to try and sand by hand! Oh man, am I glad I didn’t!!! Not only would I be completely crippled right now unable to type, I would have not gotten as far as I did today! Well worth the $50.00 bucks!!

I was hoping to stain for the finish, but I think I have too many mistakes to get away with that! So I now need to decide on a color. My son’s theme in his room is dinosaurs and his bedding has two main colors, red and navy blue. I am leaning towards red. Boys are often associated with blue, so I think red would be a fun and bold color! Got any suggestions for me???


  1. No suggestions on the color…..BUT, I do have ALL kinds of suggestions for what you can build for me! You’re hired!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, congratulations of topping 100!

  2. I hope I get good enough that I can make some more great furniture!! I already have so many more things I want to build!!

    Thanks for noticing my 101 readers!! I am so happy to have every single one of them!! 🙂

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