Now, Where Did I Put That New Recipe?

I love to look through magazines and find a new recipe. I start to read the ingredients and then I start drooling! I have got to make this!! So I tear the recipe out of the magazine and place it….where? I know it’s around here somewhere and I am leaving for grocery store in a hour so I need to find it now! Okay, maybe I can remember the ingredients…let’s think. Did it say cheddar cheese or mozzarella? Man, where did put that recipe??!!

Has this happened to you? I know that most moms are trying to find new recipes that not only taste good, but are
nutritional and easy to prepare. So when you find that recipe, it’s like striking gold!! It’s extremely valuable.

I have created a system that has worked great for me and I have not lost any recipes in a very long time!! Plus, I can find the recipe I am looking for very quickly which saves me valuable time in the kitchen.

Basically my system is a 3-ring binder, tab dividers and some sheet protectors. You simply organize all those precious recipes and then file them. And now you have every one of your recipes at the tips of your fingers. I explain how to build your own binder here. It doesn’t take very long to create but you will reap the rewards for years to come.

Save your recipes, save your time. Spend that time enjoying your family!!

Photo by polly jean

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