No Laughing Matter!!

I know today is Tickle Me Tuesday, but I first wanted to share with you why I have been missing! Last Thursday I awoke to find out that my computer had received a virus overnight!! Now I am sure anyone who as ever had a virus on their computer would agree that they are no laughing matter. Luckily nothing happened and I changed all the necessary information. My computer has now been de-bugged and I am back up and running!!

So now let’s get on with the matter at hand, a good laugh!!

I heard about a husband and wife and they had been arguing. And now they were giving each other the silent treatment. The man had to catch a flight early the next day and he needed his wife to wake him up at five in the morning.

Not wanting to break the silence, he wrote a note and put it on her side of the bed. It said, “Please wake me up at five.”

The next morning he got up at eight. He had missed his flight. He was so upset he went into ask why she didn’t wake him up. And he noticed a piece of paper on his side of the bed. He opened it up and it said, “Get up it’s five!”

Joke by Joel Osteen
#418- God Works All Things Out

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