No April Fools Joke!!

Last night, I was adding the totals of all my shopping trips from last month Travelin’ Around Town Tuesday’s. I discovered that I spent during those 5 weeks an average of $75.67 per week. Now, that total includes all groceries and household items. I guess that’s not to bad…but I want to set a better goal.

For the month of April, my goal is to spend an average of $60.00 per week. Now that’s only a difference of about $15.00 and some change, but I think it will be do-able. Now, you may be thinking this is an April Fool’s Joke, but it’s not. I really want to challenge myself. I know it won’t be easy, so in order to meet this new goal, I have set up a few new ideas on managing my money.

Idea #1
I know that a problem for me is spending part of my weekly money on all those awesome rebate deals that come around. Although you eventually get that money back,  in the mean time, your money short and over budget. So, to resolve this issue, I am going to put all the money I get back from rebates into an envelope. That way,  when the next rebate deal comes along, I will borrow from that envelope to pay for the items and then replace the cash when the reimbursement money arrives in the mail!!

Idea # 2
I also realize that in order to stay at a low weekly budget I need to have a big stock pile of food. Do I have one? No. Could this be a problem? Maybe. But I, I think I have a way to solve this problem, too. Each week that I can come under my total, I will set that money aside in another envelop for stock piling. That way, when a certain item is at a great stock up price I will have some extra money to do just that! And most importantly, I won’t be dipping into my weekly funds. 

All these ideas are trial and error. If your a faithful reader of mine, you know my life motto by now…..Live and Learn. I will update you on May 1 as to whether or not this plan worked and if I did indeed stay on budget!

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