New Series Coming in January!

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I am so excited about my new series
coming in January that I wanted to give you 
a sneak preview before the holidays.
As a busy, stay at home mom
I struggle with getting ready in the morning.
Sometimes I just get up,
pull my hair into a ponytail,
throw on some sweats and call it a day.
Do I like hanging in sweats, no.
Do I like looking frumpy, no.
Do I want to be a more confident, pretty, pulled together woman, yes!
I want the task of getting dressed to be a no-brainer.
I want  a quick 5 minute make up routine and
I want a deceptive quick 5 minute up do hairstyle.
That’s what started me thinking about creating this series.
If I want all those things, I bet you do to!
So I hope you will mark you calenders in January
and join me for Improving Me in 2013! 

(More details coming the week after Christmas!)


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