My New Fridge + Fridge Coasters

I have had my new fridge for about two weeks now
and I have to say…I’m lovin’ it!

Of course, the first thing I wanted to do after it arrived
was get to organizing and re-stocking that beautiful baby!
I was so happy that my new Fridge Coasters arrived on the same
day as my fridge. What are the odds?
 I was able to clean the fridge and place all my coasters
in before re-stocking with my grocery’s.
If you have never heard of Fridge Coasters,
they are a super easy way to keep your fridge clean
and organized without having to wipe it down all the time.
 You place them under produce in the crispers to keep your veggies fresh longer
or under the milk and salad dressing in the doors to absorb drips
 that would normally dry to the bottom of your bin.
And let’s be honest, no one likes wiping up dried goo.
 Think of them as functional fashion for the fridge! 🙂

If you wondering whether or not they will fit in your fridge, don’t worry. 
These beautifully designed, super absorbent “liners” 
can fit inside any fridge, no matter the manufacturer or model.

Here’s my new fridge before installing the coasters…
and now check out my stylish Fridge Coasters.

Aren’t they adorable?!
You can choose from three different patterns and six different colors.
I chose the tile pattern in blue. Love it!

The coasters not only cover the shelves wonderfully
but they also fit perfectly in the drawers and door bins.

The fridge is stocked, clean and fashionable organized!

 If you love these and would love to try them out yourself,
visit the Fridge Coaster website {HERE} or
visit their Facebook page {HERE} or you can follow them on Twitter {HERE}

And the lovely people at Fridge Coasters 
are giving all Inspiration for Moms readers 10% off their orders!

Just use promotional code FORMOMS10.
{Offer is valid until 4/30/13.}

(Oh, and if you missed the story on why I needed to get a new fridge,
read this post about the cleaning tip I never did, but should have!)

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