My Menu and Supply Board Project

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As you all know, I plan a weekly menu for my family. I had a form I would write on each week and post on my fridge. That way, both my family and I would know what was for dinner. But I started thinking that there must be an easier and less wasteful way to be organized with my menu. 

Then I stumbled on to this idea from Little Birdie Secrets, the menu board. It is very easy and inexpensive to make. 


All the supplies you need are a 12×12 picture frame, a piece of scrap paper, heavy duty magnets, sticker letters, and a dry erase marker. (I also used some crazy glue to stick my magnets on)

I got my picture frames at Hobby Lobby 50% off, I got both frames for $10.00. The letter stickers were also 50% off, paid a little over a $1.00. Scrap paper was $.54. I already had some craft magnets, but I needed stronger ones so I purchased those magnets at Joann Fabrics for $2.49.

First, insert the scrap paper into the frame and replace the back. Simple, huh?

Then clean the frame glass and add your letter stickers spelling out your title and the days of the week right on to the glass.Then glue your magnets on to the back of the frame…and you are done. Then write your menu out with a dry-erase marker and when you are done with that week, simply wipe away with a paper towel and start again! So simple and so useful!!

The nice thing about using scrap paper for your back ground is that for around $.50 or less you can change it to match your decor for holidays or even the seasons. I started with a color that matched my kitchen but this is what I am going to do next month…


While in the process of making this menu board, I thought of another board I could make.  I have a little note pad by the fridge and I use it to write down items that I run out of while I am cooking. This helps me remember what I need when I make my final grocery store list on Sunday’s. This plan is usually pretty good, but sometimes I may loose the little note pad and it’s wasteful.


So I invented the “Need To Get’ board. I attached this to the other side of my fridge. Now I can easily write down items I need and not waste paper or loose the list! Genius!!

Thanks, Little Birdie Secrets, for the idea!


  1. Again the question begs to be asked…..why did you get all the talent, creativity and beauty in this family?????

    I LOVE IT!!! It is so pretty….really adding class to the your fridge…and yet, it is SO pratical!

    Keep those inspirations comin’!

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