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My Goals for 2010!

I am finally ready to put my goals on paper, so to speak, for all to see.

First goal…to pay down my debt by 50%. I believe I can do this if I really focus and get creative. Oh, and by the Grace of God.

Second goal…to increase my blog traffic. I want to have at least 500 readers subscribed to my blog by the end of the year. Seeing how I only have 6 right now…I think this could be a huge goal!!

Third goal…to make $500.00 a month at home. I have a couple ideas how to make this happen. Well see how it goes.

Fourth goal…to save some money for a special trip. My husband and I have about a year and a half until our 10th Wedding Anniversary. And I would love to take a little vacation that’s already paid for and all we have to do is relax and enjoy it!

So for this year, I think that’s a good place to start. And if life happens to bless me even more than I could have possibly dreamed…then my goal list for next year is going to be even bigger!!

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