My Garden… Update…

I would have to say that our first attempt this year with a Square Foot Garden has been some what successful. The reason I say “some what” is because about half of the garden didn’t produce anything. 

Our cauliflower minus the cauliflower!

The broccoli was a real bummer as it died very early in the season. The cauliflower grew into 3 wonderful sized plants….but where’s the cauliflower? From the spinach we got to pick one bunch, then that died out with the heat of the summer. Our strawberry have grown nicely but I haven’t picked one strawberry yet!

Swiss chard

As for our successes….we have had tons of Swiss chard! I have already freezed two one-gallon size bag stuffed with Swiss chard! 

One of our little carrots!

Our carrots are very cute…I think I planted about 9 and we will only get about 4, I think. The onions are getting big and I have already used some of the stems in my dinners. And we have two, oh so cute, little green bell peppers growing! I just adore them!

Our baby bell pepper!

I think we are going to say that gardening this year was a trial and error experience. We learned a ton even though we didn’t grow a ton of food! And I have already been thinking about what I would like to plant for next years garden! Crazy, I know!!

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