My Garden…Update…Boxes Built and Plants are in Their New Home!!

Sorry I wasn’t around much today! I was busy outside building my new Square Foot Garden!! This morning we dropped our son off at Pre-school and then my husband and I headed to Home Depot to get our wood and supplies.

After an hour or so at Home Depot, we finally headed home excited to start our project! An hour and half later we had our boxes built! We then stopped for a much need lunch break! Ahhhhh… then it was off to the garden center for our soil!

After about another hour of mixing soil and filling our boxes, we were almost done… last step….

My love is adding the final step, the grid on top of the box of soil. Isn’t it nice when your husband helps out!! Thanks, honey!!
And now, to show you the finally project. I present to you my Square Foot Garden…
Instead of making a 4 x 4 square foot garden, I decided to split it in half a make two 2 x 4 gardens. That way we could set them on the edge of  our patio deck and we wouldn’t kill our grass. I think they turned out rather nice!!
I don’t think you can really tell from my pictures, but we decided to go ahead and transplant my indoor starter plants. That’s what these two pictures are all about!! If you would like to learn more about starting your own Square Foot Garden, go HERE.
All in all, today was a lot of fun and even my husband said he had really enjoyed the day!! We both are exhausted and I am sure we will sleep good tonight!! 
Now….a little message to my garden….please, please grow guys!!

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  1. Sweet! Way to go! Are you sure you two aren’t professional square foot garderners?! May you reap abundantly…in your garden and in every area of your life!

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