My Garden…Update!

Sorry I wasn’t around much today, but I had a situation I needed to take care of…someone has been eating on my little garden!! I had 3 beautiful spinach plants one day, the next morning…only one!! I had 3 cute little Swiss chard plants growing ever so lovely one day, the next morning…down to one, again!! I was suspicious of the birds…But then last, Friday, the true culprit was discovered!!

While we were eating dinner, my son looked out to the patio and said, “Bird, Mommy!” I thought to myself, ah ha…I am finally going to catch this bird in the act!! But when I turned around, I didn’t see a bird….I saw a very plump, furry rabbit looking back at me!!! I told my son, “That’s not a bird honey, that’s a rabbit!!!! And I bet he’s the one who’s been chomping on my greens!!!”

I thought dealing with the snow in May was hard enough on my little garden, but a rabbit too!! So I decided to pull out the big guns! Let me show you my weapon of choice…

That’s right, I built cages to lay over my precious, little garden. It took me the better part of the day to build these garden lids. I had to fight with the crowds at Home Depot, then I camped out in the back yard for the rest of the afternoon. They are not perfect, but I think they will do the job! I still have a few plants left, this is one of my cauliflower plants below.

A few weeks ago I started some new vegetable plants indoors to replace the little, green friends I’ve lost. I think I will transfer those tomorrow, because they will now be safe and secure behind my new creation.

Take that you pesky, furry rabbit!!  And I ‘ve got news for the birds to if they have been sneaking some nibbles…those days are over feathery friends!! I am taking my garden back!!! To be continued…..

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