Mama Mio: A Pregnancy Must Have

If you’re pregnant like me or know someone who is, you need to know about Mama Mio! I discovered their website while searching for some great organic skincare products for my ever growing belly. (I’m at 28 weeks now and this belly is getting huge!)

27 weeks

I’ve been using their products for over a month now and I have to tell you…I’m in love! Did you know Mama Mio has a No Nasties policy?! Their products are free from parabens, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance and colourants, xenoestrogens, PEGs, glycols and pthalates. How great is that?!  I was lucky enough to receive five different products and I love them all for totally different reasons.

Mama Mio: A Pregnancy Must Have #pregnancy #maternity #skincare |

First up, is the Tummy Rub Butter (4.21 oz). This skincare products protects your tummy against pregnancy stretch marks with an Omega-packed blend of organic oils in an organic Shea Butter base. 

tummy rub butter

Not only does this butter rub feel great on your skin, it also smells amazing. And so far, not one little stretch mark is on my belly. I found out too, that it’s great to use after the baby comes because it helps with shrinking your skin back to normal size and maintaining your skin tone. I need all the help I can get there if this body is ever going back in a swim suit. 😉

They also have a Tummy Rub Oil (4.21 oz). This is the gold standard in bump care! If you feel like your stomach is growing big, really fast, this is a great product to use in combination with the Tummy Rub.

tummy rub oilNow, of course we have to talk about the girls. My boobs started growing very early in my pregnancy! That’s why I’m loving my Pregnancy Boob Tube (3.4oz). Beside the super cute name, this product is great for delicate skin as it changes cup sizes.

pregnancy boob tubeI love that it’s also safe to use when I start breastfeeding. I personally think this Boob Tube is worth every penny!

Something that has been completely different with this pregnancy is my aching, swollen, tired legs.  One try of Lucky Legs (3.4oz) and I was in heaven!

lucky legs

This product is packed with energizing oils and spearmint. Your legs will instantly feel cool and refreshed. It’s the greatest feeling in the world for this pregnant mom!

And last but definitely not least, Mama  Mio even has skin care products for your face. Their Gorgeous Glow Facial Swipes (30 swipes) are perfect for this tired mama that knows I should wash my face every night, even though sometimes I want to skip.

gorgeous glow facial swipesThese swipes are great for removing my makeup and preventing blemishes. It’s like an easy win/win when trying to look your best.

If you were going to ask me to choose a favorite (Why do you ask me that? It’s so hard to choose just one!) I would have to go with the Tummy Rub Butter. It just has an amazing scent and feels so good on my skin. If you’re pregnant or know someone who is, I highly recommend Mama Mio.

Have you ever tried Mama Mio? What’s your favorite product?

Disclosure: This post was proudly sponsored by Mam Mio. I was either compensated with a cash payment, gift or something else of value to share this post with you. That being said, I will only recommend products or services that I would personally use and believe are good for my readers! I want the best for you guys, always!


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