Loving Our Elf On The Shelf!


This is our first year with the special little visitor from the North Pole. Yes, I am speaking of the popular Elf On The Shelf. He arrived the night after Thanksgiving. Sebastian and I read the book before bed. And as suggested by the book, we gave our elf his name. It’s super unusual name and I am sure you have never heard of it before. Are you ready for this? Wait for it…Mr. Elf! 🙂

So if you don’t know the story of the Elf On The Shelf, let me fill you in. The book that is included along with the doll elf explains how Santa sends the elf to watch the children and see whether or not they have been naughty or nice. And then the elf magically flies back to report to Santa every night. He then returns in morning to a different spot in the house. Pretty cute idea. Wish I had thought of it!

For the first night we had Mr. Elf sit outside Sebastian’s room on the upstairs landing. Sebastian wanted Mr. Elf to watch him go to sleep. So cute. But the best part of this story is what happened in the middle of the night. Around midnight, I awoke to my little guy getting up to pee. He turned on the hall bathroom light like usual and did his business. I then waited for him to turn the light off and go back to bed. But he didn’t …

He left the light on and left the bathroom and went to the upstairs landing. He then came running into our bedroom yelling, “Mom, he flew away!! He flew away!!” How cute is that?! Luckily, I remembered to move him before I went to bed. And every morning, he is so excited to find him! It’s been really fun to watch.

I have to confess that I am having some fun of my own moving this guy around! He has found some pretty interesting places to wait for Sebastian in the mornings…

Like on top of the Christmas tree in the first picture I showed you or on the stairs banister…

He has also found himself on top of a picture of his two favorite guys…
And my personal favorite spot thus far is this picture. Man, I have to say, Mr. Elf is limber!!!
Do you have an Elf On The Shelf in your house? Are you kids as excited as mine?


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