Lovin’ My Mitsubishi Outlander SE

A week before Christmas I was given the opportunity to drive around in the Mitsubishi Outlander SE. It was like the best Christmas ever. Just look at this mercury gray beauty…

Mitsubishi Outlander - 2015

If you are looking for a crossover that has the highest safety ratings, capable of getting over 30 mpg on the highway and holds hmmm…let’s say seven people, the Outlander is for you! Not only does it have a sleek exterior, but the black leather and wood grain trim panels make a beautiful interior that everyone will enjoy.

Mitsubishi Outlander - 2015 interior

There are 7 airbags (yes you read that right) in the Outlander. The airbags are located in the front for driver and passenger, seat mounted side, side curtain and lastly near the driver’s knees. Some other great safety features include Brake Assist (brake sensors that will add extra pressure for emergency stops) and Hill Start Assist (HSA) (holds the breaks for about 2 seconds after the driver releases the brake pedal to prevent rolling backwards). Now that’s a feature I needed when I was learning how to drive a standard. I was sweating it out at every traffic light that was on a hill!

I have to tell you about my husbands favorite feature of the Outlander that we discovered on a fun date night. The Rockford Fosgate premium sound system combined with the electric groove music found on Sirius had him a rockin’. With 710 watts going through nine speakers- including one dual-voice coiled subwoofer- we were all about that bass.  😉 When hubby wasn’t with me, I was stuck on the 80’s music.

Mitsubishi Outlander - 2015 sirius

We had a winter storm hit Colorado last Saturday so we decided to take a drive up to Estes Park and test out the Outlanders capabilities in snowy weather. I was really pleased with how the well the crossover griped the road with no feeling of slipping and sliding.

Mitsubishi Outlander - 2015 in Mountains

Did you know that the Outlander is the first in it’s class to come with a standard 3rd row of seating? It’s a super nice feature if you need to transport a few extra passengers from time to time.

Mitsubishi Outlander - 2015 3row

My little man always loves hanging in the very back row. I probably would too if I were him! 🙂 But honestly, it’s rather easy to get to the very back row even for this 37 week pregnant lady with the convenient 60/40 rear split second row seat.

Mitsubishi Outlander - 2015 front view

Overall, I really enjoyed driving this cute SUV around town. It was very comfortable and quickly felt like it was my own vehicle that I’d been driving for years. What’s your favorite feature of the Outlander?

I was provided with a 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander SE to drive around for about two weeks. All opinions are my own.



  1. 1. I LOVE Estes Park! 2. THIRD ROW SEATING IS STANDARD?!?!?!?! You know I require a 3rd row, so this bad boy is going on my Must Check Out list!

  2. Too bad this wasn’t around when I was growing up. We had seven people in my family and my mom refused to drive a mini van, so we ended up in a Volvo wagon. While we loved that, this would have been so comfy!

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