Look Who’s On The Move!


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Britton is gong to be 9 months old tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. Lately floor time has become pretty exciting to watch. He is sooooooo close to crawling. He’s been doing lots of scooting and rolling to get where he wants to be. It looks like trying to get to plugged in cords is his biggest motivator. Great.

crawling b

It’s so hard to capture a picture of him still. He is constantly wiggling and on the move. I have this sneaky feeling once he gets this crawling thing going, I’m going to be one very busy lady!

crawling b

Even though he hasn’t officially started crawling yet, I can tell he wants to completely skip it and go to walking. He keeps giving me these looks like, “I’ve got this Mom, let me go!” Which of course, he so doesn’t! 😉 Silly baby boy. It is exciting to watch though. I am his biggest cheerleader…Go Briiton, Go!

b moving with Huggies Little Movers

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