Look At Me…I’m Doing The Happy Dance!!!!

Oh, happy day! Oh, happy day!! I finally have a new printer!! Yeah, baby!!

You may be thinking, what is the big deal?? But I have really been going CRAZY because I haven’t been able to print any coupons. And ladies, there have been some awesome coupons lately!!! Sad to say, I have missed some. But I just kept reassuring  myself that they would come back again and this time I would be equipped with a printer!! 

I have been shopping for a printer for a little over a month now. And I finally decided on a printer at Staples because I was going to score a great deal! The HP all-in-one printer/copier/scanner was originally $99.98. I used my Staples rewards and the sale, making my final total only $38.60! Plus I had it shipped to my front door for FREE!!

But you know the best thing about my printer?? It’s wireless!! That means I can sit downstairs with my laptop and watch TV while I am printing coupons from the printer upstairs in the office!!! SWEET!!! 

So, if you will now excuse me, I must run off and print every stinkin’ coupon I can find!! Yippie!!

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. Oh yes! My next one is going to be wireless. Wonder what I can do to mess it up? Ha! I like HP…cheapest ink I’ve found. I’m a new follower from Thirsty Thursday.

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