Little Man’s Room Is A Changin’!

My little man’s room has had the theme of
dinosaurs for years now. 2 to be exact.

With him headed off to Kindergarten this year,
I wanted to give his room a new look,
you know, for a big boys room.

I asked him if he would like the theme of pirates for his new room.
And this was his answer, I’m quoting here people:
“I want pirates with Sponge Bob and Dora and Umizoomi.”

So I asked him, would it be okay if it was just pirates?
He said yes. 
And now the fun has begun.

(little clapping sounds here)

I have been searching through the web looking for some inspiration 
and it has been so much fun!

I know I want to steal a few ideas from this boy’s bedroom

I LOVE the built in bookcases…more storage!
I am going to do this on the main wall of Sebastian’s room.
Instead of a window in the center
I am going to place his bed. 🙂
That will be the first big change.

Then comes the wall changes.
I love the blue color and the board and batten that Sarah did herself.

My sons room color hasn’t changed since we bought the house.
I think it’s a time to shake things up a bit and mark it with our own style. 🙂

I would love to put this wall mural up…

But it is no longer available. (sigh) 
I guess I’ll just have to get creative or
skip it all together.

I found some bedding that I like too…

This is available, just pricey. It may be too much blue too.
I am still on the fence. 

There are tons of accessories that I have in mind too,
like a ship wheel and some very creative fish bowls.
A pirates got to have a fish, right?

I am so excited to start working on this room…
I just have one thing that is stopping me.

The garage!
I hope to finish that up this weekend.
I think this new bedroom theme might be the
motivation I need to finish the clean-up!

Have you recently changed your kids room?
What was your theme?

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