Little Changes, Big Differences – Six Changes to Take Care of You


There is something in the world you can always improve. This is yourself


Confession time: I spend very little time focusing on how to improve me. Most of my time is spent focusing on my family and their needs. My next priority is my blog. Time to improve on me? Yea…that’s where I’m at a loss. But I’ve started thinking that it’s not a selfish thing to focus on my health. Actually, I’ve even come to this realization…I can’t take care of others if I’m unable to take care of myself.

And taking care of me doesn’t mean I need to spend hours at the gym, although I used to think it did. Improving my health simply starts with little changes that over time will make a BIG difference in my health.

Taking care of you starts with little changes that become big differences. Click here to check out these six little changes and start living a better life today!


I’ve discovered six little changes I can do each daily that will help me lose weight, gain more energy and take care of me. If I can do these little changes, so can you!

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Stop Finishing.

My little ones constantly leave food behind after meals. You know, those four little gold fish crackers. Or a couple chicken nuggets at lunch. This is where I yell the word… STOP! I don’t eat it. Those little calories add up and my butt is needing to get smaller, not bigger!

Get Moving.

A daily walk is a great way to burn calories and improve my health. No 10-mile run needed here, just a few dance parties with my boys or a walk to the park. Remember, the little changes will add up to those BIG differences! 


Make Dates.

I got a new planner for the new year and I’ve started booking me-time dates. Yep, you ready that right. Time for me to get a walk, get a manicure or even go sit and get a cup of coffee by myself. Hey, your sanity is a big part of your health right?!

Start Eating.

A happy gut makes for a happy life. I’m pretty sure that’s a famous quote. 😉  But seriously, I did add some probiotics into my diet as well. These on the go sticks make it easy for me to take and my tummy loves me for it. Plus they taste pretty great. Try a FREE sample by clicking HERE.  

Don’t Drink.

Now, don’t run away after reading those words. I’m referring to fruit juices. It’s so much better for me to eat the fruit rather than drink it. I will get more fiber in my diet and I’ll stay fuller, longer. That’s a big win in my book. So no more orange juice and lots of sweet oranges instead (sometimes a few cuties too!). 

Now Drink.

Water and lots of it. I’m not going to live, this is a hard change for me even though it’s a little one. But I am drinking more water WITH added lemon. Why? Because lemon helps to detoxify the liver and metabolizes fat, which will speeds up your metabolism by about 33%. So just by drinking water with lemon, I can burn an extra 100 calories a day! See what I mean…little changes do add up!


Bonus Tip: Set Goals.

[bctt tweet=”A goal is a dream with a deadline.”]

I started with a small goal of losing 5 pounds a month. When I reach that goal, I’m going to set a new one. Remember, little changes. And how am I going to celebrate reaching my goals, with a manicure of course! This lady likes pretty nails. 🙂 

So what little changes are you going to make today?


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