Kia Sedona Review

Disclosure: I was provided with a 2015 Kia Sedona for a week to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

2015 Kia Sedona Review

Now that we are a family of four, I’ve noticed that our car has shrunk. As all moms know, babies = lots of stuff you must have with you at all times! So when I was offered an opportunity to drive around town in the 2015 Kia Sedona SX-L on my Birthday week, I shouted…”Turning 40 is awesome!”

I mean just look as this beautiful, roomy mini van…

Kia Sedona (side view)

The first thing I loved about the Sedona was the power sliding doors. For those of you who have this feature on your vehicle, you totally get it! My arms are always so full with a car seat, diaper bag and more. I also loved being able to tell my older son, “Hey, no worries. I’ll get the door for you.” 😉

Once we get on the road I discovered another feature that I loved, the lane departure warning system. I was going to changes lanes but was waiting on a car to pass, so I proceeded to put on my turn signal in preparation. When I did, I got a warning beep notifying me of the car. I was already aware but it’s like having an extra pair of eyes keeping your family safe! The surround view monitor was also great for seeing obstacles on ANY side of the van, not just when backing up.

The first class lounge seats were so comfortable, perfect for around town or on a long family road trip.

Kia Sedona (second row)

My older man was in love with the foot rests, can you tell?

Kia Sedona (loved by S)

Little baby man was in love too and sleeping well, like a baby.

Kia Sedona (loved by B)

Britton has never been a fan of riding in the car. But the Sedona and him became BFF’s. I may or may not have cruised around town that week just so we both got to enjoy some extra “quite” time. 😉

The third row seat is extremely comfortable too! It can fold down completely flat to transport extra big items with ease.

Kia Sedona (back seats up)

Kia Sedona (back seats down)

My older son discovered the in-door sun shades. Way cool! Such a great feature for keeping the sun off the little ones.

Kia Sedona (sun shade)

Those dual sunroofs are pretty awesome too!

Kia Sedona (double sun roofs)

The more I drove the Sedona the more I loved it. I have said to my husband for years that I never wanted to own a mini van. Kia, you just made me eat my own words. I would trade my car for this mini van in a heart beat!

Kia Sedona (front view)

I was totally bummed the day I had to give it back and it drove out of the driveway. With it’s incredibly smooth ride and amazing safety features, the Kia Sedona would definitely be my pick!

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