Just Like Mommy!

Our family has a Wii gaming system, have for quite some time. When my sister or mother comes to visit from out of state, we usually always get involved in a few games. My sister really likes the Wii Sport Bowling game, as do I. But I have to say that tennis is really the game that can bring out the most laughs!!

A summer back when my sister visited with her husband, we thought it would be fun to play doubles in tennis. We didn’t have enough controllers at the time so my husband quickly ran to the car and rushed to his favorite store…Best Buy to purchase two more. After his return, we all eagerly (that would be my sister and I) joined in a friendly game of tennis doubles.

Not long after we had started playing, I noticed I was starting to get some attention for my playing technique. It was not positive attention I might add, more like teasing. You see, I have this very fast, repetitive, swishing of the controller. And with the sound effects from the Wii it sounds even more exaggerated. Soon, everyone was laughing at my tennis skills, although at times, were highly effective! And according to my Wii character on the T.V. , this white girl can jump!!

So besides humiliating myself, what is the point behind me sharing this story with you? Well, today I watched my son play tennis and I noticed some similarities. All I can say is that it must be in the genes!! Check him out….

I love that little tennis player! That’s right baby, swing fast!!!

And by the way, he said waffle because I was making him a waffle for breakfast and he heard it pop out of the toaster. Waffle is not code for a secret tennis move or anything like that! Ha!Ha!

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