January $150 Gift Card Giveaway!

Win this fabulous $150 gift card giveaway and shop until you drop!

The last giveaway I had was the Kitchen Aid mixer and it was such a fun giveaway to put together. I have to give a big congratulations to the winner, Debbie! I hope she had a great time whipping up lots of yummy goodies with that mixer this past holiday! ????  (You can see all the previous winners and get sources to all the giveaway away items by clicking HERE.)

I apologize this giveaway is a little late this month. My whole family came down with an intense cold – including me – and it’s taken us awhile to get back to normal. So thank you so much for your patience. 😉  Once again for giveaway ideas, I polled you all (on Instagram) a week or two ago. I thank you so much for your input! The most popular giveaway you wanted was some extra spending money since the holidays have left us all broke! So, how does $150 in gift cards sound?! 

Win this fabulous $150 gift card giveaway and you can shop until you drop!

For this giveaway I gathered up gift cards to three of my favorite places to shop. This January giveaway includes one $50 gift card to Target, one $50 gift card to GAP (which can also be used at Athleta, Banana Republic, Piperlime and Old Navy) and one $50 gift card to AmazonThis gift card giveaway is valued at over $150! 


Enter for your chance to win…just complete the information in the box below!

January Gift Cards

A note:

You can earn extra entries by following me on social media and sharing the giveaway with friends. I am so appreciative of you and thank you sooo much for telling your friends about Inspiration for Moms. Let’s share the love! Good luck!


  1. Target is my favorite! It is so dangerous for me! I once went in for windex and paper towels and left with a vacuum!

  2. I think all three are great choices. Target and Amazon are two of my main go-to’s though. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  3. These are awesome giveaways. I love to shop at Target. They have great deals. Thank you for this opportunity.

  4. My favorite place to shop in-store is Walmart (Vermont just got it’s very first Target but it’s an hour away so I haven’t been yet, lol) and online my favorite place to shop is Amazon.

  5. I think Kohls is probably my all-time favorite store, but I like Old Navy, Target and Amazon, too! (Who doesn’t?! ???????? )
    Thank you for the chance! ????

  6. I tend to be a Amazon shopper as of lately. But Old Navy is where it’s at for my kids. Awesome giveaway and great blog.

  7. I can’t seem to stay away from Amazon. I shop there so much that there’s really no need to go to the store. Lol

  8. I’m a terrible in-store shopper, I do so much damage on-line so I’d have to say Old Navy and Amazon are my worst. I can buy anything at Amazon and who doesn’t need more clothes? 🙂

  9. I love shopping at Target. The stores are always clean and organized and there are people there that will actually help you if you need it.

  10. I’d have to say both Target and Amazon would be my favorites to shop til I drop! Amazon has everything, but for in-store shopping at a brick and mortar location, Target can definitely be a black hole for the wallet!

  11. I would love to win the giveaway how awesome!! Thank you for the chance of winning.. I appreciate it very much! This would help greatly with my family situation going on right now. God bless

  12. Target is my favorite place! I can’t help but buzz through all the departments even if it is whizzing through!

  13. I love Target, Amazon, The Gap and almost every store!! I just LOVE to shop!! Thanks for the amazing giveaway and the chance to win!

  14. Target is my favorite place to SHOP TILL I DROP….
    Now with the food section , it is one stop shopping right around the corner from my house…I also like that the selection is great….and most important the prices are affordable…thank you

  15. I like shopping online. I work a lot of hours and don’t get very much home time. I like sitting in my recliner with my feet, shopping online with Amazon.

  16. I absolutely LOVE to shop at Old Navy! I also love Amazon…of course, I’d be weird if I didn’t! haha, but any time I have money, it doesn’t matter where I’m shopping! As long as I can buy something, then I’m happy.

  17. I love shopping on amazon and getting free shipping! All my products come really fast for my job teaching at middle school. It would be amazing to get a gift card to help out! Thank you.

  18. I love Target especially since the closest one is an hour away. When I am able to get there I am not leaving until I hit every department.

  19. For many items, Target is a favorite for me, however, my absolute all-time favorite is Goodwill. Our local Goodwills have been a source of budget-friendly home decor as well as gently worn clothing and gently used home-goods for many years. My young adult children are hooked as well.

  20. Really depends on what I am shopping for. Target for household and everyone BUT White House Black Market just for me!

  21. AMAZON ! i get everything from amazon or target but with my rheumatoid arthritis, amazon works well for me especially when my body is killing me.

  22. My favorite store to shop at is Target. I mean, it has a starbucks so it’s basically a mini vacation if I get to go by myself!

  23. Any quilt shop or book store is the easiest/only places I can “shop til I drop”. Having said that, I could easily spend $50 at Target, Amazon.com, and the Gap!

  24. My favorites are Amazon, Amazon, and Amazon. I’m happy that I have a chance to enter this great giveaway. Thanks!

  25. I definitely love to shop at Target–they just have the greatest stuff in there…it kills my pocketbook! Heh!

  26. I’m so glad I found your blog and then ran across this post while checking your posts out. I do mainly online shopping and have to say Amazon is my favorite place to order from but I’m always looking for a good buy and hit up many other sites, too. Thank you for all you share with your readers!

  27. I love all those store but Athleta would be my favorite!! I love their 5” Lycra workbout shorts and their long sleeve open back running shirt!!

  28. Oh there are so many fun places to shop till you drop. I am going to say Amazon since I can find pretty much anything I need and want there. Thanks so much.

  29. My favorite place to shop ’til I drop is Amazon, but if I am in a really energetic mood….the mall! 🙂 Thank you.

  30. My favorite store to shop in is Target because they have everything! I love to look at the clothes and the toys, and then also able to get my groceries there.

  31. I like Target but they are no longer in Canada so would have to say Winners but usually order few times a year from Amazon too.

  32. I love to shop at Target because they have everything I need. Just the other day I went shopping for clothes to wear to my trip to NYC!

  33. Huge fan of Target! Great stuff, great prices! Best of all their clothes run from my tiny tot to my plus size. I love being able to walk into a store and TRY ON clothes that fit, and not be told to “look at our plus size collection on-line” or “Sorry, we don’t carry those sizes”.

  34. I love shopping on Amazon! I have 3 kids and shopping with them or for them when they are with me is a bit difficult. Getting on my phone to order what I need has been great!

  35. If I have to pick a store, I would have to say Amazon. I have a lot of health issues and can’t always get out to get what I need. Amazon has pretty much anything I might be looking for, including groceries.

  36. My favorite store to shop til I drop is Target. I just have to remember to get the groceries last, because I’m there for hours.

  37. Amazon is my favorite store to shop til I drop! I spend hours browsing, they have everything under the sun.

  38. eBay’s always been my favorite place to shop, it’s just so convenient and has nearly everything I could ever think to want ❤️

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