It’s My Birthday — Presents For You!

It’s my birthday but I’m giving you the presents!

Technically, it’s not my birthday yet — it’s this Saturday. I will be turning the young age of 43. Here’s where we jump right in to the honest talk: I’m not really a fan of celebrating my birthday. I think ever since I hit 30, it’s just been a day I’ve kinda wanted to skip. Thing is, my husband’s birthday is the day before mine (June 22), so skipping doesn’t really happen. I love celebrating his or the kids birthdays — anyone’s really — except mine. 

BUT, I’m trying to do something different this year. Instead of hiding and avoiding the fact that it’s my birthday, I’m going to celebrate it by giving to YOU!

It's my birthday but I'm giving you the presents! Come enter to win three chances for a Target, Amazon or Starbucks gift card!

That’s right, I’m calling it: Laura’s Favorite Things Giveaway!

I’m giving to you all of my favorite things! Now, I wish I could be like Oprah and give you all cars. But since my income is slightly less πŸ˜‰ , I can do the next best thing and share my favorite Oprah gif….


But wait, there’s IS something I can give you — gift cards to three of my favorite places! You know how this lady loves her Target. I think a box from Amazon arrives here about once a week. And Starbucks, let’s just say the drive thru almost knows me by name! πŸ˜‰ So those are my three picks for my birthday…and hopefully and little spending money to those places can brighten the day of three lucky winners. 

It's my birthday but I'm giving you the presents! Come enter to win three chances for a Target, Amazon or Starbucks gift card!

I also wanted to do this little giveaway as a way to say ‘thank you’ for sticking with me on this blogging adventure.  It’s been a fun journey so far and when I look back over the years, I feel so blessed to do what I love everyday! I know that you haven’t ‘seen me’ much on the blog, but starting today…I’m going to change that too. πŸ™‚ I have a feeling 43 is going to rock!

It's my birthday but I'm giving you the presents! Come enter to win three chances for a Target, Amazon or Starbucks gift card!

So enough talking, let’s get this birthday giveaway started, shall we! Enter for your chance to win…just complete the information in the box below!

Laura’s Favorite Things Giveaway – Birthday Edition
A couple of things to note:

After you enter, you’ll be asked to confirm your email address. Sometimes it takes a little while for that confirmation email to be delivered, so just be patient πŸ™‚ Don’t forget to check your spam folder, too.

You can earn extra entries by following me on social media and sharing the giveaway with friends. I am so appreciative of you and thank you for telling your friends about Inspiration for Moms. The more, the merrier!

Good luck!



  1. The best gift I ever received was a teeny tiny pair of diamond earrings from my parents when I turned 13. They were my first real jewelry and though my parents couldn’t afford much, they always managed to find a way to make our wishes come true.

  2. How fun and exciting. Happy Birthday!!! I love to have a party for others too and this is such a great way to celebrate.

  3. Well girl, Happy Birthday. When I turned 30 I was so glad I came to that age. Now I am 55 and glad I still am living. I was born with heart value issues and 9 years ago I had it fixed. The good lord must have wanted me around for a bit longer. Still do not know way, but glad you are here to give some great tutorials and share stories. Keep it up. I love coming over.

    1. I am glad you are still here too, Stephanie! Your sweet words just filled my heart with the biggest smile. Thank you!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Happy Very Young 43rd Birthday to you, I truly hope you enjoy yourself and I also want to thank you for this awesome chance to win.

  5. Happy Birthday! My best birthday present was a jewelry box that my parents gave me when I turned 16. Forty years later I’m still using it!

  6. Id have to say quality time with my husband. My birthday is the day after Christmas and it’s a super awkward time to celebrate. But we try and find time to slip away.

  7. The best birthday present I got was a birthday month star sapphire ring – all these years later I still have it. Happy Birthday!

  8. Okay I am a bit older but the best gift ever was my very first Album, Aloha from Hawaii by Elvis in 1972 when I was 9. Don’t laugh, I was in Love with him!!! Happy almost Birthday to you young Lady!!!

  9. I still have my favorite birthday present. It is a book called “What do you do with a Kangaroo?”. My best friend, Jason, gave it to me for my 7th birthday. We moved shortly after my birthday.

  10. Happy Birthday! The best present I’ve ever received on my birthday was a trip to the Grand Canyon. It is such a sight to see!

  11. The best present I ever got was when my best friend, many years ago, made me a homemade birthday cake. I’m in my 50’s now and I can still remember how wonderful it made me feel….

  12. Best present I ever got was a surprise 50th birthday party thrown by my 2 children. I had so much fun

  13. The last gift I received before my daddy passed away was a jade ring from him. I still have it 44 years later.

  14. My dad gave me a bunch of daisies (my favorite) every year when I was a teenager. My sons have continued this tradition and I’m now retired.

  15. Have a very happy birthday. Thanks for a chance to receive a gift card from the birthday person! I have received many nice, thoughtful gifts over the years.

  16. Happy Birthday to you! The best gift I ever received on my birthday was a beautiful diamond wedding band from my hubby. I must say I do still love my plain gold band we used at our ceremony. It is just sentimental.

  17. Well happiest of birthday wishes to you! Thanks for the inspiration and kindness! πŸ™‚ The best present I can ever get on my birthday is an act of kindness for someone else. I think it is a beautiful thing for someone to think of you on your birthday and use the sweet thought of me to do a good deed for another. It warms my heart! πŸ™‚ Share the love everyone! β™‘

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