It’s Back! Travelin’ Around Town Tuesday!

I haven’t been sharing any of my weekly shopping trips since the beginning of the year. The reason was I didn’t think anybody was still interested in seeing what I buy and how much I save.

I guess I was wrong. Last Friday, a reader (that’s you Thabal!) left a comment asking, “Where are your ‘Travelin’ Around Town’ posts? To which I replied a big…”Hmmmmm…”

So, if you were a fan of my shopping trip posts, they are back! Starting today…

This week I went to 3 stores; Target, Safeway (twice) and King Soopers.

Target total spent was $71.46. I purchased 6 Scrubbing Bubbles toilet gels, 4 (10-pack) Minute Maid juice boxes, 2 Downy fabric softeners, 2 boxes of Tampax, Simon Flash game, Battleship card game, Dove Easter candy, 2 Snickers Egg candy, Dora coloring book, tumbler and bowl, and two T-shirts. I had manufacturer coupons along with Target coupons for everything I bought except the Dora products ( those were in the $1 bins). Combined with store sales, I saved a total of $81.66 or over 55% off my total. I also got 4 of these too…

That’s $20 in Target gift cards! And I will get one more $5 gift card in the mail for buying the Dove Easter candy through the Real Simple promotion.

Safeway total (first trip) was $17.74. I purchased 4 boxes of Raisin Brand cereal, 2 boxes of Reynolds foil, 2 Ben & Jerry Frozen Greek Yogurt ice cream, organic orange juice and organic bag of apples. I used manufacturer coupons and Safeway coupons, combined with store sales on everything except the organic items. I saved a total of $23.79 or over 57% off my total.

(Second Trip) was $5.00. I purchased 4 boxes of Honey and Bunches cereal. I had both manufacturer coupons along with a Safeway coupons, combined with store sales. I saved a total of $11.76 or 70% off my total.

King Soopers total spent was $37.88. I purchased 4 boxes of Chex cereal, 4 bags of frozen vegetables, 4 cans of pineapple, 2 pkgs of blackberries, strawberries, mushrooms, canned salmon, organic milk, organic carrots and pizza dough. I didn’t have as many coupons here…only a few manufacturer and King Soopers coupons for the cereal and pineapple. Combined with store sales, I saved a total of $25.35 or 40% off my total. And I received a coupon for $1.25 off my next shopping trip.

My grand total for this week was $132.08.
How was your grocery shopping this week? Snag any great deals?

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  1. I like your shopping trips because it makes sense. Not to sound wrong, but few others, they just stock up and I doubt if they use it. Yours, is so practical and thats why i like it.

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