It’s All About The Location

Hello there! I hope you got a big cup of coffee this morning to help you out of the Spring Forward slump. My baby boy actually slept straight through the night so I’m actually feeling pretty good right now. Later today I’m going to get my hair cut and maybe even a new style (gasp!). I’m really looking forward to a little pampering and these roots need a touch up bad! Speaking of touch up…the guest bedroom/office finally got it’s new color. Just in case you forget the awful red from before…

Guest bedroom office makeover project! Come help me transform this room one decision at a time!

Here’s the new look with Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray…it’s night shot when I finished painting on Saturday.

Updated walls with SW lazy gray paint

I need something to hang over the bed. I am not sure if I’m going to do shelves or art. I also have some sconces I am thinking about installing behind the bed too for night time reading. I might remember them from this post on how to spray paint your lampshades. I would need new shades but I think they would look nice. I’ve found a few pillows and a bedskirt I like for the daybed. Just waiting for a sale.

The other side of the room needs some help too. At least the wall looks like this…bye bye red!

Updated walls with SW lazy gray paint2

The winning chair from last weeks poll was D….the tufted chair with nail head trim. I need to order that so maybe it will be in next weeks photos.


overstock tufted chair

I already have curtains bought (snagged them on sale a long time ago) and I just need to hang them up. I obviously need to clean some stuff out of here too. 😉 If I leave the desk on this wall…I was thinking of making a command center on the wall above. But I’m a little undecided on the location of my desk.

So…….this is where you come in! This week I’m trying to decide between placing the desk on the wall or under the window. I took some shots this morning to give you an idea of lighting.

Where should I place the desk- window or wall

I think the window would be pretty but I would probably have the blinds up most of the time. Although I could open them up and get a view of the mountains that I shared on Instagram this morning. The wall could be good because I could make a command center and get organized. Or even just hang some shelves with some inspirational quotes. You know how I love those quotes! 😉 Ugh. I think I kinda know what I want…but I need a little push.

So it’s time to vote again. Can’t wait to see what you pick!

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  1. You’ve done an excellent job choosing a chair so the total room will be a success! Are you leaving the desk as is? No paint? How about your daybed – black frame?

  2. Dear Laura, I have an option 3 for you desk. If you have the room why not have the desk where it is now but instead of facing the wall you sit with your back towards the wall where the 2 wall meet, sort of in a triangulated corner with your desk facing the room and you facing the desk and the room while sitting in the triangle. Option 4 is you sitting in your chair against the wall to the side and your desk facing the room. So, in effect, you have 4 options.

  3. You are doing a great job! It’s hard to have a room multi-task and make it cozy and wonderful….
    I like the idea of the desk being under the window….it is kinda framed there and not just hanging ….If you do put it on the wall, you’d need a really good sized picture or something on the wall….
    I always do my best thinking at a desk by a window….

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