In Love With Chicago!

Hi there and a very happy Thursday to you!
We are back home from our vacation to Chicago.
It was a totally blast and an absolutely great way to celebrate our birthdays!
Our flight out of Denver last Thursday night was the pretty late, 
so by the time we got to our friends home it was around 2 in the morning.
Needless to say Friday was a take-it-easy day.
Slept in, had some leisurely meals and just relaxed. 
Saturday was my hubby’s birthday and since mine was on Sunday,
we celebrated together with some Birthday cupcakes!
Mine was red velvet with cream cheese frosting (so yummy) and Chris’s was Snicker-doodle. 🙂
After we devoured our cupcakes, we ventured out to Lincoln Park Zoo to check out some animals.
Little man found this cool seat as we entered the park…
Yes, that’s my hubby with the big ‘guns’ behind Sebastian. (love that goofy guy.)
It was pretty hot day, so I found a cool drinking fountain for little guy.
Of course, he had to find a cool way to drink the water! 🙂
This trip would not be complete without mentioning that awesome Super Moon that happened last weekend!!
Did you see it?
I took a picture of it right before dusk…


 Then I ventured out later for a night shot. I was able to capture it before it got too cloudy.

It was a beautiful. I have always been in love with the moon.
But really, who isn’t?

On Sunday we decided to visit the beach (aka Lake Michigan).

Just in case you can’t tell, my son was a huge fan!

I loved it too, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of sand in between your toes.
The company was super nice too…
After we had our fun in the sun, we went to dinner and enjoyed 
some super yummy Mexican food at Garcia’s in Lincoln Square.
You know this birthday girl loved every bite!
On our last trip to Chicago, little man fell in love with the bus and train.
He was begging to go again and how could we refuse.
We would have missed out on these happy smiles…
So on Monday, we rode the train down to the Field Museum where we meet Sue!
There was tons to see and lots to do and by the end of the day
little man ended up on a bench looking like this….

Tuesday was our last day in lovely Chicago and 
we enjoyed it with a little window shopping and some yummy lunch.

One of the best events of our trip happened when we boarded our flight.
Sebastian peeked into the cockpit of the airplane and saw the co-pilot.
He saw little man and asked him if he would like to come in and look around.
My son replied, “No thanks.” 
And I said, “Oh, yes, we would love too!”
(I was not passing up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!!)
Once he got in he thought it was pretty cool!

What a great time!
We have some awesome friends that made our birthdays rock!
And the city of Chicago was pretty awesome too!

Now I’m all ready to go flying again! Just got to decided where we go next! 🙂


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