Improving Me in 2013: Tips For a More Confident You {The Intro}

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Do you struggle to get ready in the morning?
Constantly changing outfits before you head out the door?
Do you admire other peoples outfits, wishing you could dress the same?
Do you skip wearing makeup because you either run out of time or
you don’t know how to apply it?
Are you worried that your makeup will not look natural or
compliment your natural beauty?
Do you style your hair the same way because
you feel that you don’t have time to do anything different?
Are you intimated to try new hairstyles?
Do you want to feel pretty? Self-confident?
All with less time and less money?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions,
you are going to love my new 31-day series…
Improving Me in 2013!

Guess what? 
Sometimes, I don’t always like getting dressed.
Often I struggle to put together a good outfit and 
usually end up wearing the same things over and over.
I’m sure you’ve heard that a woman wears 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time.
I can totally testify to that. 🙂

I want to be a nicely dressed mom but I don’t want to spend 
all day and tons of money to do it.

So I started thinking, which got me researching.
There has to be ways to get dressed in 5 minutes,
add some makeup, create a great updo,
and look completely well put together.
I discovered it can totally be done.
 And I’m going to teach you what I’ve learned. 

Starting today and for the next 31 days
I will be sharing tips to help you create your own
5-minute wardrobe, 5-minute makeup routine and
 some new 5-minute hairstyles.

 All women can be well-dressed, confident and classy
without stealing money from your grocery budget to do it!

Stick with me for the month of January and discover the
new and improved you!

If you would like to jump to another day in the series:
Day 2: {The Whole Picture}
Day 3: {How To Be A Confident Woman}
Day 4: {Check It. I’m Stylin’}
Day 5: {Take Notice}
Day 6: {The Always in Season Basics}  
Day 7: {Select Your Staples} 
Day 8: {Complete the Look}
Day 9: {The Footwear} 
Day 10: {The Accessories}
Day 11: {Cleaning the Closet} 
Day 12: {Donating Tips}  
Day 13: {Outfit Combinations}
Day 14: {More Outfit Inspiration}
Day 15: {I Must Ask}
Day 16: {The 5 Minute Wardrobe Method}
Day 17: {Shopping Tips}
Day 18: {Finding Your Perfect Jeans} 
Day 19: {Accessory Tip: Scarves}
Day 20: {Outfit Inspiration to Real Life} 
Day 21: {Let’s Talk Makeup}  
Day 22: {A Flawless Face}
Day 23: {The Complete Everyday Face}
Day 24: {Favorite Things} 
Day 25: {Skincare Tips} 
Day 26 {5-Minute Makeup Video}
Day 27: {A Top Knot Tutorial}  
Day 28: {Half-Up Side Twist Tutorial} 
Day 29: {French Braided Bangs Tutorial} 
Day 30: {A Wrapped Loop Updo Tutorial} 
Day 31: {To Be Continued}

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