Improving Me in 2013: Super Easy Messy Bun Tutorial

Happy Tuesday my friends!
To keep the series Improving Me in 2013 alive,
I have a new hair tutorial for you today.
It’s super easy, super cute and oh, so you! 🙂
I introduce to you the Messy Bun.
The first step in the hairstyle is to simply make a ponytail.
Next, from underneath the ponytail find the middle and 
divide with your fingers as you work through to the the top side.


Then you simply grab the end of your ponytail
and pull through the hole.
Pull the base of the ponytail at the sides making it tight to your scalp.
This will hold the hair in place.
The sides will gently fall, kinda like a V.
It should look like this when you are done…
See…I told you that was simple!

I will admit, 
for this style your hair needs to be shoulder length or longer.
But really, could not be easier!
If you have any questions let me know.


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