Improving Me in 2013: Day 8 {Complete the Look}

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Now for the final pieces of our outfits or completing the look.

 These pieces will be items you will wear pretty frequently
(maybe excluding the dress).
I would suggest pretty neutral colors allowing you to
mix and match with most of your existing wardrobe.

A little more detail about each item:

-Jean Jacket
Look for a dark wash and a slim fit, flatters most

-Trench Coat {Khaki}
Structured and stylish, a very versatile piece

-Styled Sweatshirt
A great piece to stay comfy but still looked put together
(a favorite in the fall season)

-Cap-Sleeve Blouse
Looks best under layers, suggest a solid color or a neutral soft pattern

-Cocoon Cardigan
A popular piece and very cozy, best to choose a color that will go with everything

-Puffer Vest
Great compliment to long sleeve tee and jeans, creates instant pulled together look

-Extra Pretty Dress
This is a dress you feel great in, pick any style you like 
but choose a coordinating color 

As you may have noticed, most of these pieces are the top layer.
They give your outfits a polished, finished look.
Even though I haven’t included any accessories yet,
these final items add a tremendous amount of style.
Another real beauty is that you can mix and match
 them effortlessly with the other previous items I have already suggested.
Can you see it now? The final outfits are starting to come together.

We still have footwear and accessories to discuss, 
but so far, do you like the items I have suggested?
Is there an item you absolutely hate?
Scared to wear? Unsure of how you could wear it?
I would love to read you comments, questions or concerns 
and help you in any way I can. 🙂

Oh, and by the way,
if you are obsessed with shoes…you won’t want to miss tomorrow’s post.

Improving Me Assignment For Day 8:

1 -Check your closet for the above pieces

2 -Decide whether they are are good condition or if you would like to place them 

3 -Note what is missing or what you would like to replace

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