Improving Me in 2013: Day 7 {Select Your Staples}

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Now that we have gathered our basic essential pieces, 
it’s time to add some fun to the wardrobe with additional staples.

Let me introduce you to the Additional Staples.

The additional staples are just that…additional pieces to
compliment your all season basic pieces. 
These items add a little more interest or pizazz to your wardrobe.
And we all need some pizazz in our lives, right?!

When choosing these pieces keep in mind two things.
 One, they will need to be items that can still layer with your essentials.
And two, these items will be pieces that will probably need to be updated
every year or so because they tend to be more trendier.
I would suggest evaluating each piece individually 
when deciding rather or not to replace. 

As I mentioned with the All Season Basics,
feel free to edit based on your style preferences. 🙂

Let’s talk in detail about each item….

-Bold, Colorful Blouse
 These is an item that is gorgeous and really makes an outfit.

-Ruffled Blouse
 I absolutely adored this ruffle shirt, a quick way to easily look well-dressed
(you may prefer less ruffle) 🙂

-Crew-neck Sweater
Look for thin knits, in cotton or wool, which are easier to layer and more comfortable
-Chambray Button Down Shirt
Select fitted ones, easier to tuck in and look neat when out

(great layering piece as well)

-Maxi Skirt
Best in neutrals (think black, brown, or navy) 
Can be a trendy item, but are comfortable and generally cheap 🙂

-Black Dress
The ‘little black dress’ is a cliche for a reason:
it’s a wardrobe essential. 
(although you may prefer another neutral color to black)

Remember, there is always room for modification.
If you like to wear dresses, you may need to add more than 
the little black dress.

If you don’t have most of the items I have mentioned so far,
don’t feel you need to run out and buy everything.
Replacing your whole wardrobe is not the goal here.
Maybe only adding a couple new pieces could give you 
5 or 6 outfits that you really like to wear.
Now that would be totally more affordable and practically. 🙂

Tomorrow we’re going to be looking at the pieces
that will complete our outfits. 🙂

Improving Me Assignment For Day 7:

1- Check your closet for the above staples

2- Evaluate whether or not you’d like to keep the item

3- Note if there is any item you wish to add or purchase

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