Improving Me in 2013: Day 5 {Take Notice}

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Yesterday we talked about creating a Pinterest style board to
become familiar with what style of clothing we appeal too.
Once you’ve started pinning some of your favorite outfits,
 you may start to notice some repeats in the items/outfits selected.

For example, let’s look at some of the outfits on My Style Board

As I looked through my own outfits I observed that many 
have blue jeans and scarfs. I also am drawn to striped shirts.
Notice that my striped shirts are not exactly the same and that’s ok.
 We are not trying to recreate exact outfits we are looking for similar pieces.
Why? Because this is what you like! 🙂
So be sure to take notice of repeat styles on your board.

Once you have noticed a pattern it’s time to do a little wardrobe investigative work.
Do you have any of these similar items already hanging in your closet?
I own a few pair of jeans and I have a navy/white striped 3/4 length sleeve shirt.
 But I don’t have any scarfs. 
And based on my board, I must really like the look a scarf adds to an outfit.
So now it’s time to ask myself a few questions:
 Do I really like scarfs?
Would this be a realistic piece to add to my wardrobe?
Would I actually wear it?
Is this a low or high cost experimental item?

A great way to decide if you should add an item to your wardrobe
is to try and visualize when you would wear it and
 what it would compliment within your existing wardrobe.
For me, I think adding a few scarfs would be fun and worth the try
since scarfs are fairly cheap.

Tomorrow we are going to talk basics, the wardrobe foundation. 🙂

Improving Me Assignment For Day 5:

1- Take notice of your style board and note any similar pieces

2- Check your closet to see if you already own any of these items

3- Decide whether or not it’s realistic to add some repeat likes to your wardrobe

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