Improving Me in 2013: Day 31 {To Be Continued}

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Today is the last day of January and
the last day of the 31 day series.
I found this quote that I hope you can now relate too…

My goal for this series was simple.
I wanted to help you discover all the beauty you already posses.
 I hope you can use the tips, tools and advice given over the past 31 days
to polish and mold a you that radiates confidence.
Through this series I was surprised to stumble upon my own discovery.
I built up my own confidence by stepping out of my ‘comfort zone’
and challenging myself to try new things.

 The reason I titled this post To be Continued is because
 I feel this topic resonated with so many of you, that I just can’t stop.
So there will be more to  “improving me in 2013” in the future.
More tutorials, new topics, more pictures and maybe
even a few more videos.
2013 has just started which gives me lots of time
to help inspire you! 🙂
Thank you for hanging with me through the whole month of January.
I hope you’ll stick around as we all continue the journey
to improve and better ourselves.
To summarize it all…


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