Improving Me in 2013: Day 3 {How To Be A Confident Woman}

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You don’t need the best hairstyle, the latest fashion or 
even labeled ‘the prettiest’ to be confident.
Honestly, being confident starts with YOUR mind!

  Today I want to share five tips that will help us start thinking more confident.
First: Stop comparing. 
I know, easier said then done.
But no matter how hard you try, you can not be that other person.
Instead, put your efforts in being the best version of YOU.

Second: See your strengths, not your weaknesses.
Don’t pick at yourself and add to your insecurities.
You are beautiful just as you are!

Third: Own the moment.
High self-steam comes from how you feel at any given moment.
And by giving confidence to those around you,
you in return will feel better about yourself. 
(Call it ‘confident karma’ if you will!)

Fourth: Set some personal goals.
Want to learn a new language? Go for it!
(I would love to learn French! Who’s with me?)
Lots of tiny personal goals boost our confidence
every time we accomplish them.

Fifth: Do something you love. OFTEN!
 Whether it’s playing the piano or decorating your home,
do what makes you happy!

You see, 
our appearance is just icing on the sweet cake of our inner confidence. 
You are capable of being a confident woman in anything you do,
anywhere you go and definitely in anything you wear.

I know you are Wonder Woman! 🙂

Tomorrow we will talk about discovering your own personal style.
Until then…

Improving Me Assignment For Day 3:

1- Focus on applying some of the tips from today 

2- Give a compliment to another woman to give her a confidence boost

3- Start thinking about your style and what you do and don’t like

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