Improving Me in 2013: Day 27 {A Top Knot Tutorial}

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It’s now time to move on to the hairstyle part of the series.
Over the next four days I will be sharing a 
different 5-minute hairstyle tutorial.

Today we are talking about the Top Knot.
This hairstyle is fun and can be easy to do because
we are going for more of a messy, loose look.

First step is to create a high pony tail on top of your head.

Then grab a small comb and tease your hair working
from the roots to the ends.
Your hair will look pretty awesome when you are done with this step.
Check it out…

Finally, starting at the top of you ponytail gather a section of hair
and gently wrap it forward and tuck the ends into your pony tail holder.
After securing that section, continue working around the pony tail until
all your hair is tucked under and in the shape of a bun.

It should look like this when you are done…

I love this top knot because it’s quick and stylish.
Add a pair of fun earrings to draw some attention to your neck
and you are ready to go!
How about that for an awesome, stylish 5 minute hairstyle?! 🙂


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